Yachtcharter E.W.Wester

Yachtcharter Wester is a family business, located in the Netherlands, in the centre of our province called Friesland. In the summer, Friesland really is the place to be. In summer it's really fun, exploring the surroundings on a boat. Visiting little, old villages with their old houses and each their own habits.


The Dutch province of Friesland is proud of its origins, which are carefully looked after in 'Frysk', a language which is more ancient than that of their Dutch hosts. Friesland is the most sparsely populated area of the Netherlands. The network of waterways however is amazing with a total shore length of 600 kilometers, connecting the 30 lakes.

This region is considered to be the paradise of aquatic sports, with the water being of an exceptional quality. All of the ancient towns and countless villages where the time seems to have stopped, can be reached by boat. Their marinas are very well-equipped. From Friesland, one can continue the trip into the neighbouring province of Groningen and into Drenthe, famous dor its peat canals, which were dug both to get the peat as well as to transport it.

Where to find us

Our business is founded in a little village, called Akkrum, with about 4000 residents. The village lies in the centre of our province Friesland, surrounded by lots of water. Akkrum is really easy to reach by car because the freeway N32/A32 runs right through it. The N32/A32 runs from Heerenveen to Leeuwarden where exit nr. 13 leads straight to our village.

As i said before, our village is surrounded by water. By this you can reach Lemmer within 3 hours and the capital of our province, Leeuwarden within 2,5 hours.

Do you want to see more about our village, called Akkrum ?

Why a boating holiday ?

The biggest advantage a boat offers you, is the fact that you've always got your sleeping spot with you, just like a caravan. It provides you with most of the luxury you're accustomed at home. Furthermore it offers you a great opportunity to see our country from it's nicest side, the water. When you're used to the amount of traffic in daily life, you'll realy be surprised by the calmness you'll encounter on a boating trip.

Of course you don't have to limit your trip to our province, you could easily expand it by visiting our neighbour provinces Groningen, Drente or Overijsel. It's also possible to cross the IJsselmeer and visit our capital Amsterdam.

Our boats

We're offering you three fully outfitted ships. This might seem little, but it gives us the opportunity to spend more time with you. You'll get as much instruction and explaining as you require. Have you never been on a boat? No problem. In that case we'll make a test trip with you. This trip will take as long as you need to get used to the ship and it's proceedings.