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The ship's layout

The M.s. Lucky Star, is a classic lined ship with a very nice distinguished appearance and has equipment of a modern standard. The ship has a pretty spacious saloon, a nice kitchen, 4 sleeping cabins, a toilets and a shower. In addition you can steer the ship from two locations, inside as well as outside.
Lucky Star
Lucky Star The saloon

Firstly you will find the internal steering of the ship here. Here you will find the usual instruments needed for good boating. For example a very useful instrument found in the saloon is the bowprop. This is an extra prop, which enables you to manoeuvre the bow accurately.

The saloon is the living room of the ship. Here you will find a spacious L-shaped sitting area with a large table. You can extend it to an even larger size, when you are having supper.

In the saloon you will also find a nice colour television. There is also an excellent radio-CD-combination with 2 loudspeakers, so that you can listen to your favourite music when you are exploring our country.

The kitchen

The ship has a nice kitchen, with even2 refridgerators (2x 60 L) because of the large crew you can take along. Also you will find a gas cooker with 4 burners. Thanks to the 55 L boiler, you can get hot tap and shower water intstantly. This boiler is heated by the engine's coolant. Because of the extremely good insulation the water stays hot for the whole day even when the motor has been turned off. So you can easily have a shower in the evening.
Lucky Star
Lucky Star The cabins

In the back of the ship you will find 3 times a lockable 2-person sleeping cabin. There is also a sleeping cabin at the front of the ship with 2 bunk beds, one at each side of the ship

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